Tui Na Massage Therapy Is Tui Na the Right Choice for You

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In the province of Shaolin in the People's Republic of China, there is a tiny mountain town called Tui Na. There are few buildings in this town and it is more of an unpolished logging town. Tui Na has always been an energizing, peaceful place for me. The reason I feel so relaxed is due to the fact that I was taught Tai Na from a master who was there and did it every day.

I began learning about tui-na and Tui Na massages from the master Wang Xian (who also practiced at his home). His library was filled with books on the practice, and I was given them in order to enable me to browse the titles. I learned that there exist numerous schools of thought on the study of the tui-na. I also learned that there are seven meridians linked and that the body is connected to these meridians.

After reading many of the books I read I found out that the seven meridians have names like Chi, Qi, Blood bones, teeth joints and Materia. After doing some research I learned that na practitioners use different massage strokes for each meridians. Traditional Chinese medicina holds that there are 24 points that connect to one another and are accountable for the health and functioning of tissues and organs. Each of the organs and tissues is believed be connected to a specific area. It is believed that the twelve meridians are parallel to the chi of the body. This is why some practitioners make use of the symbol of the twelve meridians while doing a the tui-na massage.

In the year 2000, when the Chinese government as well as the United States started promoting Tui Na as a healing method, Tui Na became very popular throughout the West. The popularity of the therapy grew due to the appearance on television of programs that featured Chinese herbalists, who promoted the practice as an alternative form of medicine. One of these shows featured two women receiving a Tui Na massage following a long day of work. I was awed by the relief the women were experiencing, as well as by the positive feedback they received from the staff at the massage salon.

A several years after, I went to a massage therapy school that was run by a well-known acupuncturist. He showed me how to perform an Tui Na massage and assured me that he would treat all who came to his shop. He appeared natural and didn't look like someone who could do acupuncture. He explained to me that his students were taught to use their loose hands, so that they could direct pressure on the acupoints without being dependent on their fingers. Before introducing me to other practitioners using the Tui Na system I was required to participate in some sessions.

My experience with Tui Na was wonderful. 부천출장마사지 One of my initial treatments made me feel like my life was transformed. I felt more relaxed, lively and alert. I felt that I'd improved physically as a result of my treatment . I could feel my Chi flow freely throughout my body. Although my skin was still somewhat sensitive, I appreciated the overall effects of the Tui Na therapy.

Since then, I've come to know Tui Na as well as the fundamental philosophy that inspired its founding. The ancient philosophy of Tui Na is that the universe is made up of energy which exists in three distinct forms: Jing, Qi and Shen. Jing is thought to be the least slender of all three. It is easily controlled by our bodies, minds and souls. Qi is the most powerful form and is believed by Tui Na practitioners to be the principal force that exists in the universe. Also, Shen the dark energy, is the governing force for the relationships between Jing, Qi and Shen and is therefore the source of every evil.

Tui Na believes that any one of these energies could cause harm to the relationships between them which could lead to the finality of our physical existence. Thus, all three the energy forces have to be controlled by a competent practitioner. This is where a certified Tui Na massage therapist could help. They are the only professionals that are skilled at manipulating the three energies properly and in a safe way to transform and change the lives of their patients. This is why I suggest you look for a Tui Na practitioner who incorporates both Eastern and Western medicine into their practice. The practitioner you choose will be able to assist you achieve the health and well-being that you've always dreamed of.