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Top best underling related to the head lice

• Lice are camouflage You might have heard about the word "camouflage" in some part of your life. Before knowing how lice are camouflage, you must know what does this term actually means. In general terms, camouflage refers to the ways how a living creature's color matches with that of the color radiated in the background.

Head lice have developed the ability to hide in your scalps by adapting the color. So, it can be said that head lice, as well as nits, have the tendency to match with their living surrounding, such as the human body. This property or characteristic of head lice makes it even more difficult for an average human to see the head lice with their naked eyes. • Lice do not discriminate There are still a majority of people who believe that head lice are only for those who have poor hair quality or dirty hair. These types of rumors related to the tiny creature are common. Well, but let me tell you this, lice especially head lice, do not discriminate on the basis of your hair color, hair quality and many more. Some people even think that head lice are more and more common to those who do not maintain their hair hygiene. But according to health experts and lab researchers, the chances of containing louse or nits in your head is nearly the same in both those who maintain good hair hygiene and those whose hair is often dirty. • Lice can't jump Most people think that the majority of reasons for the spread of head lice is that they jump from one person (host in this case) to another (receiver). But that is not true because the fact that head lice do not have any type of wings or mechanism to fly is the reason that resists this statement. Head lice can only crawl, which suggests that most of the transmission of these tiny creatures is by making a personal contact or even using some products of the hosts such as comb, trimmer, etc. • Lice don't spread easily Researchers have claimed that lice just can't survive for more than 24 hours on the host's body or on the human scalp.

What that means is lice do not spread easily from person to person. Bottom lines These were some of the most interesting facts about the head lice and nits you must know. In order to know the facts which are essential for the parents, visit