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The full form of SDLC is software development lifecycle, which is a plan or procedure formed for a software developer to follow and create software according to the procedure. The software development process helps the team of software developers to practice tech solutions in case of any error. Due to the Software development lifecycle, the team can fulfill the expectations and requirements of the clients in the given period of time with a specific amount of money. Software development lifecycle, the name is a self-explanatory term that asks the developers to follow the detailed plan to develop, maintain, or improve the specific software made by the team or an individual developer for the company or client. The SDLC is divided into six portions, or we can stages of development. For a better understanding, visit the blog page of the Devox software company by clicking the link below It is called a lifecycle because one can start the cycle again from the start after completing the final step or stage, no matter how big the project is. All these six stages will help the developer to work efficiently on the product development. These six stages are predestined to be in every development lifecycle methodologies according to the blog of Julia Martyniuk, the project manager and the blog writer as well of the Devox software company. The six stages of the software development life cycle are: Analysis - Not only in the software development lifecycle, but the analysis is the first step of every company or organization before beginning their project or product production. This stage is very crucial for the developers as it requires a good study about the requirements of the client and identifying the risk factors that would appear while developing the product. Planning - For a success of a product, along with the knowledge and efficiency a proper pre-planning is required to avoid mistakes or confusion in the future. Designing - This is now a very important part of the software development process where one gets to know that everything is going according to the plan and research or they need to do any changes. While designing software, the client's requirements should be kept in mind. Development - Once a product is designed, its development process starts where the developer needs to correct all the technical errors. Then the product is tested and maintained by the developers.