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Ecommerce, which is Electronic Commerce, is a model which allows business groups or individuals to sell and purchase like normal markets in the online market. Also, it means gathering and using demographic data through web contacts and social media. There are four criteria in ecommerce b2b (business to business), b2c (business to customer), c2c (customer to customer), and c2b (consumer to business). It is a global market where one can be in some part of the world and shop from the other part of the world also. This becomes easier for the buyers to purchase and sellers to sell from anywhere and everywhere. Nowadays, all the companies are trying to put their businesses through e-commerce over the internet. The scope of getting a large number of customers in the e-market is more than in a normal or local market. Ecommerce is a massive term that is distributed and subgrouped in and for various different nations. Such as the Ecommerce group oy works for Finland and its nearby areas. Their aim is to offer their customer a completely online service package with quality indeed. They handle almost all of the business brands efficiently with their employees. For a business to run in the online market over the internet, the support of ecommerce groups is essential. Evx store is associated with Ecommerce group oy Finland is working smoothly and providing good service to its customers. Along with Evx Store, Ecommerce Group Oy is also working with many other companies also. The current projects in which they are working are Freddystore, Cluse, Sinooperi, rukka, preeco, Gorilla sports, These are the topmost online stores achieving great milestones in the past few years in association with ecommerce group oy. Their quote/motto is very catchy, which says Ecommerce is not just to sell products online on the internet, but its a 24/7 duty to monetize the deals and frame the strategy for the seller company on the basis of its annual sales. Their efficient logistic infrastructure, Social media presence, experts in marketing, online platforms help the companies like evx store in their online selling and buying process. Annually the ecommerce group has more than 1,00,000 + customers, and evx supplies thousands of shipments in it. Evx store has been established in the year 2012 being a Finnish company has achieved milestones in past few years, more info contact the sales service 0800102121.