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Why do eat-and-run accidents happen?

When the Toto site was first started, the operation of the site was relatively unexposed, so the site operator was limited, but with the development of the Internet, a lot of information was released and many people started operating the site.

Accordingly, it can be said that there are also a lot of eat-and-run accidents in proportion. Most of the reasons for the eat-and-run accidents are that there are many winners or high-paying winners relative to the cost earned, which makes it negative. Therefore, it can be said that the higher the better, the greater the risk of an accident.

It is now possible to prevent eat-and-run accidents in advance. If the verification process is inconvenient, you can prevent the accident in advance with a simple method. Let's understand this with one example. As a simple example, there is a way to check a site's hack history through a Google search.

In the case of eat-and-run sites, there is a high probability of repeated eat-and-run accidents, so you can prevent accidents just by searching. You can easily check the history of past scams by searching Google for 'site name + scam' you want to use.

Another way is to check out the typical customer recruitment methods of scam sites. The totodubai is operated with the loss amount and bet amount of the members. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for sites that are over-spending and soliciting customers. The following is how typical scam sites use it for promotional purposes.

1. Offer high odds Sports betting will follow the odds set by the professional odds team of Oz Portal. Ignore this and beware of sites that recruit members with the promotion of offering excessively high odds.

2. Excessive event provision As mentioned earlier, the Toto site is not operated in consideration of losses. Providing excessive events means recruiting members without considering their profits, and it means that they will recruit members in a short time and eat up the bet amount.

3. A subscription path from unknown sources As a result of examining the members who suffered the eat-and-run accident, it was found that most of the members used the site through spam text messages or direct messages. This also means that the sole proprietor of the scam sites will recruit members and scam them by sending spam messages and messages to unspecified people as a way to recruit members.