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OKEx's features: A learning material from

OKEx offers dozens of easy-to-trade Ripple-based pairs that are the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. In addition to Ripple, OKEx supports hundreds of other crypto markets, so you'll never run out of options. will also discuss about Binance which is also a popular platform to buy Ripple. OKEx also accepts fiat deposits if you want to buy Ripple in the UK in a more convenient way. This requires providing personal information and uploading a KYC document, which takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. You can then buy Ripple instantly with a debit/credit card or deposit by wire transfer. It contains helpful tutorials and explanations aimed at becoming a better cryptocurrency investor. In addition, OKEx even offers the possibility to attract daily interest in crypto holdings through the mining pool feature. All you have to do is deposit Crypto Assets into the pool and you will earn some generated mining rewards. Advantage • Trusted crypto exchange with over 20 million users • More than 400 digital currency pairs • Buy and sell crypto with debit/credit card or bank transfer • Low fees starting at 0.1% • Official mobile app on Android and iOS • Prestige and high safety Inconvenience • Debit/credit card fees can be more competitive • Derivatives are too complicated for beginners Binance: A well reputed source to buy Ripple in UK Binance is another leading cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage that makes it cheap and easy to buy Ripple in the UK. However, you must first upload a copy of your passport or driver's license. This is an industry practice when buying digital currency with fiat. You can also transfer money from your UK bank account. This may be the best option. Not only does this save 1.8% in debit/credit card fees, but it also makes money transfers faster. As a result, you will receive funds in your Binance account within minutes. Binance also supports crypto deposits. Like OKEx, this option allows you to buy Ripple in the UK without opening an account or uploading KYC documents. However, this anonymous offering is limited. If you don’t want to choose Binance to invest in Ripple, there are hundreds of other digital currencies on the platform to exchange. You can invest in these currencies also. It includes not only major crypto assets but also a whole bunch of smaller tokens.