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What are crypto wallets and their types?

If you are a regular investor in crypto or if you have good knowledge about crypto, then this is information that you should know, or you need to know that whenever you purchase or you sell crypto in the market, it will always be stored in something that is called as the crypto wallet. This is the same concept as the normal wallet that the people take everywhere with them and it contains cash, and also different payment cards which they can use to make the payment for different things and their cards can be used in any shop, mall, stores and even in restaurants. Since bitcoin is the biggest and the best crypto that you can find in the market, the people in the community have developed many ways in which you can store crypto safely with you. The best way that has been proven is called the crypto wallet, and this is an online service where all the cryptocurrency that has been purchased by the person and everything that you buy and also sell on the crypto market will all be entered in the personal journal which contains everything. This can also be called a ledger that has been provided to everyone who is an investor in crypto, and this is the wallet that has a very large space, and you can store not only crypto but also its different kinds. The wallet facility is available 24/7, which means that you can access them at any time you want, and this is a page that only the certified user can open and no one else. These wallets can store either private key, and it also sometimes has a thing which is called the public key, and it is visible to almost everyone. One of the best wallets in the market is known as the hardware crypto wallets, and these wallets are very durable and safe. And there is less chance that someone might gain access to your information because you have everything stored safely, and it is kept secret from others. Wallets can come in different ways, and some of them are hardware wallets, software wallets, paper wallets, and also online wallets where you can store all the different things correctly and that too within the same wallet without having to take permission or open the lock because you are the authorized user.