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Concertmaster and Concertino are powerful apps, plenty of features. Below, a visual guide to most common use cases. Please note that the images depict Concertmaster's interface, but they apply to Concertino all the same - both apps are identical.

How to listen to a recording

The player basic usage is very, very easy: search for the composer; search for the work; choose a performance. That's it!

Listening to a recording.gif

How to view recording details

One of the player key features is its detailed player. There's a multi-movement bar below and individual bars on the left panel. They are originally hidden, but just click on the top handle to show them fully.


How to set favorite recordings

You can set specific recordings as "favorites", clicking on the "heart" icons. They are always listed on the top left panel:


How to create playlists

Aside from "favorites", you can create playlists of specific recordings, clicking on the "plus" icon:


You can access your playlists clicking on the name "Favorites" on the top left corner. It's easy to rename or remove them too!


How to set favorite composers

You can create a list of favorite composers, just by clicking on the "heart" icon inside their boxes. To "unfavorite" them, click again. Your favorite composers can be found in the "heart" section of the composers' alphabetic index:


How to set favorite works

It's easy to group works of a specific composer in a "favorite" list. Just click on the "heart" icon. You can find them in the "Favorites" tab on the genre list:


How to start a radio station

A "radio station" is a session of constant, randomly chosen music. You can start a radio session just by clicking on the "On Air" button. The player will try to guess your taste and play some music accordingly. The "On Air" button remains bright red while the radio is playing. To end the session, click on the button again:


But you may want to start a more specific "station". For example, a radio session of works only by a determined composer. Just click on the "radio" icon inside the composer box:


Maybe you are willing to start a radio session of favorite works by a specific composer. Easy: click on the "radio" icon inside the "Favorites" tab:


The possibilities are endless. Here, we are starting a "station" of only favorite chamber music works. You can accomplish these more complex combinations using the radio tools on the player top right corner: